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Buyers Home Inspection

Residential Inspections 

If you live in Cumming, Dawsonville, Gainesville, or Buford, GA, be sure to work with Broadview Home Inspections!

 Buyer’s Inspection 

Our thorough and comprehensive inspection of your future home includes all aspects of the house that are accessible and visible. We will assess all areas such as:

  • Roof
  • Exterior
  • Basement
  • Foundation
  • Crawlspace
  • Structure
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Fireplace
  • Attic
  • Insulation & Ventilation
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Interior

Pre-Listing / Seller’s Inspection

This inspection is a virtual clone to the Buyer’s Home Inspection. The only difference is that seller’s get it done before they list their home. This is the smartest way to conduct business as there will be nothing that surprises you later on.

New Construction

A brand-new house is the pinnacle of home buying. However, don’t be fooled into assuming it’s in perfect shape. With this inspection service, we look for common construction shortcuts and other issues.

New Construction Phase Inspections

This is the best way to ensure that your new construction project will stay on-time and on-budget. We will visit the site a few times to check everything out. When we do, we will report back to you immediately about any problems.

11-Month / Builder’s Warranty

Get the most out of your Builder’s Warranty by getting your home inspected. We recommend getting this inspection service completed in the 11th month. That way, you’ll have enough time to file any necessary claims.

Home Maintenance Inspection    

After you move in, you no longer have a need for an inspection, right? Wrong! In fact, getting regular inspections is the best way to make sure you’re in the know about what systems need to be repaired or replaced in the near future.

Loan Draw Inspections

We conduct Loan Draw Inspection services for lenders. This means that we will go to the site of a new construction home and assess whether or not the builder is doing everything properly. Once we make our report, the lender will release the latest draw from the mortgage.


After your initial inspection was completed, did you have a list of repairs for your seller to complete? The purpose of a Re-Inspection is to ensure that they were completed to your satisfaction. Let us do a final checkup on the house before you’re fully committed.

Radon Testing

Radon causes 21,000 lung cancer deaths per year. Yet, no one knows when they’re being exposed to it. With this test, you’ll find out if your future home has higher than expected levels of radon.

Corporate Relocation

We perform our Full Residential Inspection and follow-up with Client Education tailored around short- term residency. We want our clients to feel confident and comfortable in their home, during this transition/relocation process.

Thermal Imaging Services

Thermal Imaging can answer a lot of questions about your home. From water leaks inside the walls to a lack of insulation, you need to make sure your home goes through Thermal Imaging.

Additional Services & Pricing

Ancillary Services:

Radon Testing with Full Inspection – $125 / $175 Stand Alone

Pool/Spa Inspection w/ Full Inspection – $125 / $175 Stand Alone

Individual Utilities & Structural Component Inspection – $175

System/Component ReInspection – $125

Mold Inspection w/lab analysis with Full Inspection – $150 / $200 Stand Alone

Additional Property Specific Pricing:

Homes 50+ years – $50

Out of Area (based on Cumming, Ga location)

– 50-75 miles – $35 / 75-100 miles – $50 / $25 per additional 50 miles

Trip/Revisit Charge – $50

Dock/Pool House – $25

Out-buildings/Secondary detached garage – $25

Guest House – based on square footage